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Metallic transfer foil.
Metallic Heat Transfer Foils

for desktop publishing.


 Special transfer foil

Size  On rolls. See below.
Printers  N/A
Color  Shiny Metallic Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, & Red
Thickness  N/A.
Adhesive  Heat Transfer.
Outdoor Life  Not recommended.
Instructions  Included (Transfer Metallic Laser Printer Foil)
Tools/Material needed  Copier or Monochrome Laser Printer & Hot  Laminator
Note:  CAN be used with Domestic  Iron if you don't  have a Hot Laminator.
Online-Ordering:     See price or order metallic foil.

Make certificates, awards, or add a shiny metallic accent to any art project using our metallic transfer foils. Available in Gold, Silver, Green, Red, and Blue. These heat transfer foils use heat to transfer to only the areas of the paper which have been printed with laser toner.



Papilio gold metallic transfer foil.

  • High gloss metallic colors bring your projects to life

  • Compatible with most monochrome laser printers and copiers.

  • An economical way to add metallic accents.

  • No special paper is required, this foil uses regular copy paper.

  • Can be transferred using Domestic Iron if you do not have a hot laminator

  • Detailed instructions are included, or available in PDF format above.




The Papilio Metallic Color Transfer Foil is a transfer media.

Gold  decal paper transfer foil


Go to (our e-commerce website) to see our new selection of metallic transfer oil for gold lettering.

How does the metallic transfer foil work ?

 The metal transfer foil is used to add Metallic Finish (or metallic "color") onto text or line artwork that has been printed first with black and white laser printer.


The metallic transfer foil can be used with Domestic  Iron if you don't  have access to a Laminator (hot roller laminator).  This metallic transfer foil can also be used with t-shirt press. Using t-shirt press requires 3-4 applications and gives interesting hammer gold effect.

Print your design using black laser toner onto plain copy paper. Cut off a section of the metallic transfer foil from the roll, and tape it to the area you would like to decorate with a metallic accent. After passing the sheet through a hot laminator, or applying heat with a domestic iron peel the foil off of the sheet. This leaves only those areas that contained laser toner decorated in a brilliant metallic color.

For more information on how to use this gold metallic transfer foil please go to our e-commerce website. You can also watch the demonstration video by using the link on the top of this page.


This foil may be successfully used on  T-Shirts that MUST first be printed with Plastisol Screen Printing Inks.  This is a "trade specific" usage and our telephone operators to not have further information about this process.  For home use and armature usage please be informed that this Metallic foil will NOT transfer to plain T-Shirts or unprinted paper.



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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.