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Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Laser water slide paper.
Laser Printable Water decal Paper. Water Slide decal Paper. PAS4


for most desktop color laser printers.


 Waterslide decal Paper.

Size  8.5" X 11"
Printers  Selected Laser Printers
Color  Clear
Thickness  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Adhesive  Water based / gelatin
Instructions  Yes
Tools/Material needed  Water and decal Squeegee
Note:  Indoor use.
Online-Ordering:       Laser Water decal on our e-commerce website.

Our PAS4 laser water-slide decal paper is glossier and more durable than other similar products on the market.  This paper has been made by HPS LLC in USA since 1992. We are proud of the quality of this paper and the prices are competitive with similar product made in the Orient.

Laser Water Slide decal Paper.  Made in the USA.

This paper the PAS4 is our "standard" and most common water decal paper (water slide off decals) If you have not order our laser printable decal paper we recommend trying this formulation first. This paper is coated in Texas by HPS LLC. We offer other formulations such as softer film, bake on film and white opaque water slide decal paper for laser printers.
Papilio Laser Water Slide decal Paper type PAS/4 is our most popular color laser water slide decal paper. The formulation for this paper has remained unchanged since 1999 where it took over from our Original formulation PAS/2 that has remained unchanged since 1989.
The Papilio Water Slide decal Paper for Color laser printers (PAS/4)  Can be used in the HP 2550, HP 2600 and HP 3600 as well as Minolta QMS 2300W and some OKI LED printers. Tested  in the new economical HP1518 that appears to have replaced  the HP2550 and HP1600/HP2600. Tested in the HP LaserJet Pro 400.



Laser Water Slide decal paper.

 Note: This decal paper is ready to use. It already has the decal film coating on the paper. In other words this is a water slide transfer paper that is already coated with state of the art, clear, decal material that is soft and yet, strong.

This media is for laser printers.

Our PAS4 is a water slide decal paper specially coated to work in a wide range of color laser printers, and some black only laser printers. Water slide decal paper allows for the creation of very thin clear decals, which give more of the appearance of being painted on, than of being adhered to the surface of the item. We have long offered an Inkjet Clear decal Paper, but our PAS4 laser decal paper allows the step of sealing the ink to the film with a aerosol or liquid fixative to be skipped entirely, since after fusing laser toner is naturally water fast. Our color laser water slide decal paper is ideal for creating decals to decorate: ceramic items such as decorative plates or mugs, glass or plastic surfaces such as decorative plaques or stained glass, even painted metals or woods to offer a unique original touch to a piece of furniture. For surfaces which are not flat, but slightly curved we recommend using our Color Laser Soft Water Slide decal Paper, its softer formula allows it to form to slightly curved substrates more effectively. To create an even more durable professional decal, consider our Color Laser Bake On Water Slide decal Paper which can be baked in an over or microwave after application to make the decal even more durable. If you are applying your decals to dark surfaces, our White Color Laser decal Paper will provide the white background you need to make your decals show up vividly.

Note: This decal paper is ready to use. It already has the soft  decal film coating on the paper. In other words this is a water slide transfer paper that is already coated with state of the art clear decal material that is soft yet, strong.

This decal paper is specially made for Thermal Wax color printers like ALPS printers and several others. This paper can also be used in many late model personal office copiers and laser printers. However, we do NOT recommend this paper for Laser printers or copiers.  See precautions here at the end of this chapter. If you plan to use only laser printers or copiers we recommend our PPF paper.

The sheets are (8.5" x 11")   Instructions are included 

Several imitations are now on the market, but here is your chance to get the ORIGINAL Papilio Aqua Slide Paper. Water decal paper is a new type of transfer paper that opens up new possibilities.  Then cut out the image and dip the paper piece in water and slide the image of the paper (it will be on a soft clear film) on to any solid surface like wood, glass, metal ceramic/porcelain, CDís and yes, even the mouse you are holding in your hand.

This decal paper can also be used to place photos on wax candles.

We received an e-mail a few weeks ago from a customer who puts wedding photos (and wedding clip art) on large wax candles. She told us that our paper and the ALPS printer she bought had taken her small home candle-making business into a new and profitable direction.

Another customer uses our paper to put cartoons and clip art on children's wood furniture. The possibilities are endless. You can use this paper to put images or text on the outside of an automobile. It will stand up to the UV light of the sun and the weather.

This paper is NOT compatible with ink jet printers.

This paper may be used in most late model personal office copiers and laser printers.   However, we do not recommend that.  If you are looking  for decal paper to use in laser printers and copiers, we recommend our Papilio Perga Flat Paper.

 Papilio AQUA SLIDE decal PAPER

Copy/Print A MIRROR IMAGE onto the PAS paper using Alps Printers or a late model personal copier or laser printer.  If you are using an Alps, OKI, or Citizen then use the normal cartridges. DO NOT use the dye sub ribbons. First adjust the contrast and colors and print/copy on regular paper. If using the ALPS printer, select specially coated paper and multi pass black. (The transparency option will also work .) When the test print looks OK, then print on the PAS paper.

Then cut out the image with scissors. Dip in warm water (not hot). The paper will roll up and then straighten out again.

When the film starts to loosen from the paper, place the paper on the surface FACE DOWN, the film touching the surface to be decorated and the paper side up. Then slide THE PAPER away leaving the film behind, and now the image will no longer be a mirror image. This is opposite to using decal. Now work out air bubbles with decal squeegee and let dry. (If you donít have a decal squeegee, use the edge of a nipple from a baby bottle available at any grocery store.) You can order decal squeegee here on these web pages.

When dry, you can spray over the image using our liquid laminating spray the Aerosol UV Laminate Spray LLA5000 with built in UV protection. This will also make the decal stick better to the surface.

The film is transparent (not white).  White will only appear on white surface, or white paint must be applied to the surface first. One model of the ALPS printers can print white.

Printing out a regular image (not a mirror image) is also an option. Then you will slide the image (the water decal) off the paper and on to the surface of the item to be decorated. Be careful not to tear the film.


Ceramic Plates: The PAS paper is to make NON fired decals  only.  Porcelain plates decorated with PAS-decal can make a beautiful wall hanging but cannot be used as food bearing plates. This type of decal is not permanent in the same way as  over the glaze fired porcelain or china paint decals. See important information on how to place decal on plates below on this page.

Porcelain/ceramic Mugs: The PAS paper can be used to make a non-fired decal  to decorate mugs. Please keep in mind that this is not a permanent decoration like fired porcelain colors.  Mugs can be hand washed in warm water using  nonabrasive soap. This type of  decal is quite durable if not scratched with sharp objects.  A mug with this type of decal is NOT dishwasher safe. It can survive the washing cycle of a dishwasher one or two times, but then the whole decal may come off. 

Wax Candles:  The PAS paper is ideal to place photos or clip art on wax candles.  The application process is simple. Just slide the decal on (face down).  Heating the decal once it has been placed on the wax candle with a hair dryer will help seal it in place, but this may not be needed at all, depending on the wax and the smoothness of the wax/candle surface.

Wood and GENERAL application: We recommend putting the decal only on finished or painted wood. The following instructions are also applicable to metal and  or all other painted substrates.

If you manufacture wood, metal or other items, you can experiment with incorporating a method to place the decal on the finish before it is fully dry.  Example: Oil enamel, when it is dry to the touch, but not fully cured. Place the decal on the painted substrate face down, using water to enable you to slide the decal. (Remember to print mirror image.)  Face up if you are going to finish it further with clear coat, in that case you will not need mirror image.  When the oil enamel further dries the decal should be permanently sealed on the substrate. The water will not harm the oil enamel if it has dried enough. If you try to place the decal on when the oil enamel is too wet, you will encounter problems. Usually if the oil enamel takes 24 hours to fully dry place the decal on after 8 hours. However, all this depends on humidity, temperature, and the product used. Once you have mastered this technique, you will be able to finish your items with quite durable decals. We recommend putting the decal face down because then the printed image will be protected by the clear decal film. The clear decal film will accept different types of clear finishes.

If you don't put the decal face down, your Alps ink will not be protected and when finishing with a clear coat you will run into compatibility problems, as the Alps ink will not accept just any solvent-based clear coat.

 Please go to our new e-commerce website to order the laser waterslide decal paper.

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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.