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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Water decal paper for inkjet.

Pre-Coated Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper.

Inkjet Clear Water Slide Decal Paper 10 Sheets

for inkjet printers


 Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color Clear
Thickness Film .0015"  .0012mm  +/- .0002mm
Adhesive Water-based Gelatin
Outdoor Life N/A
Instructions Inkjet clear water slide decal paper instructions
Tools/Material needed Decal Squeegee & Aerosol Fixative recommended
Note: Indoor use only unless protected with a Urethane

Clear (transparent film) Water decal paper. Water slide decal paper.

Water slip (water dlide) decal paper 10 sheet pack.


Clear inkjet water slide decal paper.

Make decals using the inkjet printer you already own using this paper and a decal fixative.
We offer a decal fixative in both aerosol and liquid form. Please note: We no longer recommend alternatives such as Krylon Crystal Clear Aerosol.
For best results please use only Papilio Decal Fixative available in liquid form and also as aerosol.
The Papilio Water Decal Fixative is formulated to stay flexible for years will NOT yellow and is easy to apply.  

Decal Paper Type: Clear Inkjet Water Slide Decal Paper.

Water slide decal paper for inkjet printers.

The Papilio waterslide decal paper (Water decal paper) can be used almost any inkjet printer to create water slide decals. Optimized for inkjet printers that print with dye based in but has also been tested successfully in Canon printers that use pigmented black in and even works in Epson Durabrite on high quality photo setting.

While the term water slide decal may not be familiar to you, most people have encountered them at some point in their life. Water slide decals are very thin, allowing your artwork, photograph, or text to look as if it had been painted onto the item you are applying the decal to. Most likely if you have ever assembled a model kit as a child, you are familiar with this style of water decals.

Using the Papilio water slide decal paper is simple: Print out your decals from your graphics editing software onto our special decal paper. Spray the sheet with a clear acrylic spray, such as our Papilio Aerosol Decal Fixative.

We no longer carry nor recommend a locally available generic equivalent such as the  Krylon Crystal Clear Aerosol. Even though this aerosol may be a good product in general it is not optimal to make flexible "easy to work with" decals.

After the Papilio fixative dries, cut your decals from the sheet, leaving at least ¼ inch of space around the edge of the design. Place your decals in a bowl of warm water. They will curl up, and then straighten out again. Once they are laying flat again, they are ready to slide off of the paper backing and onto your item. To apply large decals it is advisable to use a lubricating substance such as our Papilio Decal Mounting Fluid, this lets the decal move around the surface of the item for accurate positioning without warping or tearing. It is also advisable to use a Rubber Decal Squeegee to remove any excess water or air bubbles from beneath the decal.

apply the decal to a light color back ground such as a WHITE mug. If you are planning to have white writing in your decal or a white picture then you can only use a white item as in a plate or a mug. Inkjet printers to not print white ink. When you see the white it is actually the background showing thru.

We would recommend that if you do use a colored background (plate, mug) that print in black ink. It is safe to use the color ink but keep in mind that the ink is translucent. So for example; if you print a blue star on a red mug the blue star will not be as vibrant, it will now have a purple hue.

If you are not wanting a white mug another idea is to use gray. A light gray mug may work well with colors too.

Water slide decal paper.

Water slide clear decal paper instructions.

Water slide decal paper instructions.

Instructions updated Friday, July 28, 2017

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Waterslide decal paper can be use on wide variety of substrates such as Wax Candles Marble Slate Finished, some plastics polyester, Formica, glass, stainless-steel, finished metal, wood (smooth finish non-porous) R/C Planes, Scale Models, Industrial equipment panels Control panels, children's furniture, art and craft items and so on. For R/C planes the Papilio decal fixative has been found to be not affected by the fuel and fuel/oil mixture. (RC models) Water-slide decals made using inkjet printers are not recommended for out-door use. Even though water is used to apply the decal (once sealed with the decal fixative) decal made in this way will not stand up to prolonged exposure to the elements. Water slide decal are for decorative use and for restoration and decoration of items that are exposed to direct sunlight, water or chemicals.


Types of Papilio TM water deal papers for inkjet printers have been made in the USA since 1994. We offer several types of specialty water decal paper as well as ceramic and glass decal paper for screen printing.


 Waterslide decal paper, water slide, water slip paper, decal paper for model airplanes. Water slide decal planes used on RC planes. Waterslide, water slide decal paper made in USA.


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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.