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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Inkjet Removable Adhesive White Waterproof Vinyl

for inkjet printers.




 Removable Waterproof Inkjet Printable Vinyl Media

Size  8.5" X 11", 11" X 17' and 13' x 19"
Size Rolls:  12" Rolls on 2 inc core 24" rolls on 3" core
Printers  All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color  Matte finish.
Thickness  3.0 MIL
Adhesive  Removable.
Outdoor Life  Temporary
Instructions  Included (Instructions of Inkjet Removable White Waterproof Vinyl)
Tools/Material needed  UV Spray Laminate and/or Sheet Laminate recommended.
The waterproof WVFR  (removable adhesive) media is ideal when you need "waterproof" inkjet media that can be easily removed.



Inkjet Waterproof Removable Inkjet Vinyl decal paper.

(Removable Adhesive Inkjet Vinyl decal Paper)

The Inkjet water-proof vinyl. (Vinyl removable adhesive film decal paper)
The Item code for this media is WVFR. It is the same media as our waterproof inkjet vinyl (WVF) except it is has removable adhesive making it removable and reusable vinyl media.
Vinyl removable self adhesive (sticky back) film decal paper.

Inkjet waterproof removable vinyl media decal paper.

This media is in fact the same media as our Inkjet Waterproof Vinyl except the adhesive is an ultra low peel tack. This means that the label can be removed easily from almost any substrate even when used on paper or cardboard. This media can be used safely on delicate substrates where the label must be safely removed after use.

For labels that are frequently reused the glue or tackiness can be rejuvenated by rinsing the label under a gentle stream of clean water. Let the label dry before reusing. Do not use soap.

To make the label scratch resistant use over laminate. Make tests before starting production for resale using your equipment and method of printing.

This media can be used on most substrates (wallpaper, painted walls, corrugated cardboard, etc) along with other substrates that are not suitable for other media with an aggressive adhesive.
This media would also make an ideal "temporary" bumper sticker for use on show cars or antique cars where the label is only needed for a short period of time. Because this media is waterproof the label would withstand a rainy day, but when the show is over, it will come off easily.
Even though this media can be finished in the same way as our water proof vinyl, it is not recommended to spend the money and extra time, as this media should be used only as a temporary solution. However, there are some cases when you might want to do just that and we have customers that use this for special applications where the label is frequently removed and re-positioned and the adhesive even rejuvenated with a gentle stream of cold water. For such a application we recommend using the Epson printers that print using the "Durabright" TM inks together with our WOL (waterproof over-laminate).

NO lamination is required for outdoor use but is highly recommended for extended life. For more information about this media see the text below.

The removable adhesive make this media safe for use on most substrates. For delicate substrate or when used on expensive items make test to determine if this decal paper product is safe for you application.

Instructions for Removable Inkjet Waterproof Vinyl.

To order the WVFR media (waterproof removable inkjet vinyl) in bulk please go to

Using an over laminate will greatly extend the life of the label; especially an over laminate with a built in UV barrier.

Waterproof removable vinyl media.

The most common question we receive about this media is: 
How can an inkjet media be waterproof if the ink itself is water-soluble ?
The concept is similar to what happens if you spill fruit juice on white cotton fabric, such as a T-shirt. The dye molecules get trapped in the cotton fibers and cannot be removed easily using only a gentle stream of cold water. Sometimes warm water and soap will not even remove the stain.

For UV protection we recommend the LLA5000 UV Aerosol Spray for this media 12 OZ Aerosol can with fine mist spray nozzle 
Click here for more information or to order

Using an over laminate will greatly extend the life of the label; especially an over laminate with built in UV barrier.


LLA 5000 uv aerosol laminate

For UV protection we recommend the LLA5000 UV SPRAY for this media 12 OZ Aerosol Can with fine spray mist nozzle


* The  outdoor life of an inkjet printed label depends on how resistant the ink is to UV light and if the label is laminated using either film or liquid laminate with or without UV barrier.  The user of this media should make tests and determine the suitability of this media before beginning production using own equipment and method of applications.


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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.