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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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inkjet holographic metallic film star dust pattern

Inkjet holographic star dust adhesive metallic polyester.


Inkjet Holographic Star Dust Polyester Film


for inkjet printers.


Inkjet Metallic Holographic Polyester Film.

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color Holographic (Pattern: Star Dust)
Thickness 2.7 MIL
Adhesive Permanent
Outdoor Life Not recommended.
Instructions Included (Inkjet Holographic Star Dust)
Tools/Material needed None.
Note: Indoor use only.
Online-Ordering.:    See price or order inkjet holographic adhesive film.


Our Holographic films reflect a rainbow of colors that changes depending on the viewing angle, similar to the back of an audio CD.


The main color of all our holographic media is silver. The pattern of this media is hundreds of fine dots or specs, similar to our silver glitter but with finer particles.



Inkjet Self-Adhesive Holographic Metallic Effect Film.


For other holographic patterns; use the navigation buttons in the upper left hand corner.

We offer 4 colors or patterns of our inkjet-printable holographic film.

Silver-Shine and Glitter both have silver color as the main color but, depending on the light, will reflect a rainbow of colors. The Silver-Shine is plain silver holographic where as the glitter has small irregular patterns.

Our Inkjet Holographic media works well in all Inkjet printers and is ideal for making most unusual graphics, stickers, or photos that will get noticed!

Inkjet holographic decal paper, printable in any desktop inkjet printer and also works in the new Epson and HP printers using Claria TM and Vivera TM inks.


Image sample of Star Dust inkjet holographic.


The overall color of this media is metallic silver. The scan above shows the pattern and sample of the rainbow of colors that this media reveals when the light is reflected.


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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.