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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Inkjet Rub-on Decal Paper

for inkjet printers


Rub÷On Decal Paper clear film. NR to DP


for inkjet printers.


Inkjet Rub-On decal Paper

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers All Desktop Inkjet Printers
Color Clear
Thickness N/A
Adhesive Papilio Rub-On Tack required
Outdoor Life N/A
Instructions Included (Instructions Rub On decal Paper)
Tools/Material needed Aerosol or Liquid Rub-On Tack
Note: Indoor use only.

Inkjet Rub-On decal paper is an ideal media to transfer images to substrates that may not accept water slide decal paper, or where clear inkjet vinyl is too thick. Examples are un-painted wood, marble, slate, leather, paper, and some plastic substrates;

See more about this media below.


This media must be used with our Rub-On Tack Adhesive


Rub On decal Paper

Rub on decal paper.
Aerosol rub on adhesive.

This media must be used with our Rub-On Tack Adhesive

Papilio now offers a new rub on decal paper that can be used in almost any inkjet printer.

The Rub-on decal Paper (media) can be used to make clear permanent production decals. The Rub-On decals will adhere to almost any substrate including; most types of plastic, metal, glass, marble, slate, unpainted wood, any painted substrate, great on most types of textured interior walls (knock-down finish), ceramic bisque, porcelain bisque, any glazed or unglazed fired ceramic or porcelain, glass, most type of wax candles, and fiberglass.

Why use rub-on inkjet decal instead of self adhesive clear vinyl or water-slide decal?



 The rub-on decal media offers certain advantages over waterslide decal paper and self-adhesive inkjet vinyl.  Rub-on decals provide greater water resistance than water-slide decals not to mention clear inkjet vinyl, The rub-on decals are also thinner than vinyl and less prone to mechanical damage that may occur by the handling and use. The rub-on decals are also great to make permanent, thin decals that almost look like they are printed on.  Water-slide decals are ideal for decorative items and hobby arts & craft creations whereas the rub-on transfer is a better choice for productions items. Rub-on decals will stick well to almost any substrate. Papilio Rub-on decals will accept almost any type of clear top coating.  The Papilio  rub-on decal media has been tested with and shows good compatibility with the following clear top coats; Oil Enamel, Acrylic, Epoxy, and two part Urethane.



Aerosol extra spray nozzle.

You must use Rub-On decal Tack from HPS.
We offer the rub on tack in aerosol form and also liquid.

Run on decal paper folder.


1) Copy/Print onto the glossy side of the media.

2) Apply a thin coat of the Papilio Rub On decal Tack. Let the rub on decal tack dry for a few hours, or overnight.  A second coat should NOT be applied.

Applying the decal.


1) Cut out the image with scissors while holding the paper at a constant 90 degree to prevent the media from sticking.

2) Apply the decal face down onto the substrate to be decorated.

3) Apply pressure to the back side of the paper using a solid object, such as a pen or pencil, working in a circular motion.

4) Use your fingers or a sharp object to lift off and discard the paper media. The artwork (decal) will remain on the substrate.

For additional durability the Papilio Rub On decal may be cover coated with various types of solvent based cover coats:  epoxy, urethane, oil enamel, acrylic, etc.

This decal paper can also be used on various types of substrates:  wood, marble, slate, glass, rock, different types of plastic, metal, most  painted substrates, fiber glass, cardboard, etc.


Important First apply the adhesive and THEN cut out the decal.

If you apply the adhesive to the decal after you have cut "them" out then the edges may absorb some of the liquid adhesive into the paper (the edges), thus "gluing" or bonding the face transfer film to the paper (carrier sheet) and thereby making it  difficult  transfer the decal later.

The inkjet rub on decal paper is ideal for transfer to artist canvas.


This media must be used with our Rub-On Tack Adhesive



Instructions updated Saturday, January 05, 2019

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