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Papilio Labe & Decal Prinitng Software.


Inkjet media sample pack.

Water slide decal paper from Papilio.


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Clear laser static cling.

Glossy clear static film for Laser Printers.

Clear laser static cling.

for HP laser printers.


Clear Static Cling

Size 8.5" X 11"
Printers HP 2550 HP
Color Clear
Thickness 7.8 MIL (one mil is 1/1000 of an Inch Not mm)
Adhesive Permanent
Outdoor Life *Depends on the ink.
Instructions Included
Tools/Material needed Water and decal Squeegee
Note: Not recommend for outdoor use.

  This product is great to use indoors however a change in temperatures of 20 degrees or more can cause the static cling to come loose.

True static cling For Color Laser Printers. Designed for use in HP 2550 Desktop Color Laser Printer. We do not recommend it for other printers.

Clear Static Cling for Color Laser Printers.

This media is intended for use in the HP2550 LASER Printer.
This media may also be used in other color laser printers that can handle thick media AND have "straight through" paper path.
Please order sample before Online-Ordering. this media in bulk. HPS LLC will not accept return on bulk orders.
10 sheet pack 8.5" X 11"
CLEAR static cling
To order this product please go to our e-commerce website.
Order in Bulk 100 sheets 8.5" X 11"
CLEAR static cling
To order this product please go to our e-commerce website.  


Clear static cling for laser printers.

Our inkjet printable clear static cling film is ideal for creating window cling decals, static cling signs, and easily removable stickers for placement on painted metal, glass, and some plastics. The main benefit of our inkjet printable clear static cling is that this media features absolutely no adhesive, allowing for the complete removal of the media with no residual stickiness. Perfect for substrates where it is of the utmost importance that the media be completely removed with no residue. Because of the very factors that make this media so forgiving it is not ideal for substrates other than painted metal, glass, or some plastics. For other surfaces, or for surfaces which will be exposed to temperature change such as a window or door with an exterior side, please see our Clear Inkjet Ultra Cling media. For creating static cling window decals which are placed on the inside of the window, but viewed from the outside it is advisable to partner this media with our Papilio White Window Masking Spray a white translucent aerosol which provides a white background but still allows you to see the image through the white paint. This is a great help when cutting out many static cling decals from a single sheet of static cling. For static cling decals which will be adhered to the inside of a window and viewed from the inside we have our White Static Cling Film which allows for printing directly onto a white background without the use of an aerosol.

This film is intended for indoor use but may be used outdoors.

We would not recommend using the static cling on car windows. Most cleaning products contain streak free and fog free agents which may cause the static cling to come off. We do carry a product called ultra cling for laser that is safe to put on the inside of car windows. Great product to make temporary labels of any kind.  

1) Copy/Print on to the glossy side of the media using a compatible printer.
2) To prevent paper jam, make sure the back access panel is open, allowing straight path through the printer.
3) To prevent a paper jam, make sure the sheet is not bent or warped or the are corners folded BEFORE loading. Loading by hand ONE SHEET at a time is one way to make sure it loads correctly.
4) Use the default printer driver setting when printing on to this media using the HP2550

1) When mounting this label to any surface, clean the substrate and remove grease residual, soot or dust. This media is a static cling. It will cling to glass and any glossy non porous substrate such as metal wood, and other substrates that have glossy finish (painted).
2) Peel the static cling GENTLY off the supporting paper in such way that you avoid stretching the media.
3) Line up your label. When the position looks correct, let the label make contact with the surface on one edge and work down the rest of the surface using your fingers. Do not use excessive pressure when working the label in this way because you may smudge the ink.

Make tests before starting production for resale, using your equipment and method of printing.

Disclaimer: Printing onto any media not recommended or approved by your printer manufacturer may void your manufacturer warranty. HPS LLC has developed this media for use in today's hot running desktop color laser printers. We have made extensive tests to determine that this media is safe for use in most newer desktop color laser printers that can handle card stock and have straight through single pass path. However any media can and may cause “paper jam” in some printers that may require service call or the purchase of new fuser unit.

This media is made for Hewlett Packard Laser Printers. But it can also be used in other color laser printers.


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Inkjet media made in the USA
Inkjet media made in the USA.